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Single Pass Oven SPD-3617
A single pass convection air dryer rated for up to 1600 lb/hr or (727 kg/hr) of raw puff extruded product.

  • The oven framework is constructed of rectangular tubing and structural steel welded at all joints for rigidity. Housing is in the form of insulated panels and doors utilizing fiber-fax blanket insulation. Inside and outside are painted steel. An explosion release panel is installed on the top of the heating chamber.

  • A 36” wide by 17’ long conveyor utilizing wire mesh belting carried on heavy duty roller chain. An A/C inverter variable speed drive is installed and controlled from the operator control panel.

  • A re-circulating fan will be installed. Heated air is circulated through the product zone and mixed with fresh make-up air. Adjustable louvers on the fresh air intake and exhaust allow for total control of the circulation rate and exhaust from the dryer.

  • A complete natural gas or LPG burner system will be installed. This system consists of a special air heater burner, modulating control valves with 4-20ma control, pilot system, and flame safeguard equipment. Combustion operates on excess air. System design meets all current factory mutual and industrial risk insurer’s requirements.

  • A complete pre-wired control panel will be installed and connected. Temperature control is with a programmable controller. Flame monitor system, European standard flame relay, all required circuit breakers, motor starters, and A/C Inverters will be installed in this panel. Panel is NEMA-12 dust tight.

  • Dryer is completely assembled, checked, and test run in factory before shipment.

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