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The Maddox Electrostatic Seasoner is contructed of a stainless steel housing with a plastic polymer casing to observe the seasoning. The new snout design contains an insulator portion and a stainless steel double sleeve section.

The Maddox Electrostatic Seasoner comes mounted on a Coating Tumbler with Rail System. The Tumbler is available in 30” & 36” diameter and 8' & 11’ lengths. All stainless steel construction with variable speed drive and adjustable drum pitch for optimizing even slurry coverage and precise flow rates. Mounted on wheels for ease of cleaning. Choice of continuously welded flights, molded in straight flights and continuous spiral. The Maddox Electrostatic Seasoner is mounted to the Rail System allowing for ease of adjustment and maintenance.

By Effectively applying electrostatic charges to seasonings and salt, a tremendous improvement in seasoning coverage has been achieved. The Maddox Electrostatic Seasoner covers the product consistently and uniformly, even on the backside of the product. Because of electrical interactions between the seasoning and the product, the need to "spray" Seasoning onto the product is no longer necessary.

Unlike the conventional process, the charged seasoning particles are applied without the use of additional oil sprays on fried products. This produces a chip that is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch.

Effective and simple to operate, the Electrostatic Seasoner delivers quantifiable cost savings in several different ways as shown below:

  • The system is extremely reliable. When a completely dry seasoning is used, there is no clogging of the seasoner components to create downtime.
  • The flavoring powder adheres to the product and not the equipment, resulting in very little seasoning waste and less equipment cleanup.
  • The electrostatic seasoner virtually eliminates the problem of airbone seasoning powders contaminating the work environment. When using the Electrostatic Seasoner, a new and improved power supply charges particles with a higher efficiency, confininf seasoning particles to the interior of the tumbler's drum -- a feature that line operators will greatly appreciate.

The Electrostatic Seasoner has the fewest moving parts of any electrostatic seasoner available. Fewer parts means reduced maintenance and greater reliability. No brushes to replace or air lines to connect.

Considering the high cost of seasoning powder alone, a Maddox Electrostatic Seasoner will pay for itself in a few months of use.

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