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Universal Dough Rolling Machine including a stainless steel hopper, one (1) pair of dough reduction rolls, dough transfer and cutting apron assembly, double rotary cutting assembly, incline scrap separator and cross scrap conveyors. The sheeter will be complete with the following:

  • Dough sheeting roll assembly including one (1) pair of 16” diameter x 42” long stainless steel, water cooled rolls machined from solid stock, with smooth finish mounted in a horizontal position, and with the gap between the pair of rolls adjustable by a handwheel. The sheeting roll section will be driven by an individual A/C variable speed drive through a double row roller chain drive. The rolls will operate at a speed ratio of 1 to .95 with the front roll being the fastest. A digital indicator will be provided for the gap between the rollers.

  • The dough transfer and cutting apron assembly will be driven by an individual A/C variable speed drive and automatic belt trackers will be provided for the transfer and cutting apron.

  • The two (2) rotary cutting assemblies will be mounted to the framework of the machine assembly. Each of the rotary cutting assemblies will include the bearing stands, an underneath rubber pressure roll, a cutter adjustment assembly, and a quick release handle assembly. Both rotary cutter assemblies will be driven by individual A/C variable speed drives.

  • The incline scrap separator conveyor and cross scrap conveyor will be installed on the machinery framework after the rotary cutting assemblies, and will be driven by a common individual A/C variable speed drive.

  • An stainless steel operator control panel will be provided and pre-wired. This panel will contain all necessary circuit breakers, A/C frequency controllers, and switchgear for controlling the sheeter. The five (5) variable speed drives will be arranged for cascade control with the transfer and cutting apron drive being the master. All drives are controlled by a PLC controller with a touch screen panel for operator interface.

  • All of the equipment in and above the product zone will be constructed of stainless steel, or constructed of other sanitary materials, and the lower supporting mounting framework will be painted white.

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