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Fryer has an effective cooking area of 18" x 96" (46cm x 244cm). This unit comes complete with the following:

Main pan is constructed of stainless steel with stainless steel outer skin and trim. The support legs will be stainless steel tubing with leveling jack screws installed. The pan will be flat bottom with one manifold oil inlet and one outlet.

Conveyor system constructed of a formed steel frame work supporting the adjustable sub-merger conveyor and the takeout conveyor. The sub-merger and takeout conveyor belts will be stainless steel, chain edged wire mesh belts. The conveyor drives will mount on this structure.

Stainless steel hood assembly formed and joined together complete with a clean-in-place system with spray balls mounted. An extra spray ball will be included for installation in the fume stack. A flexible hose supply line to connect with the main pump outlet will also be provided.

Hood lift assembly consisting of four motorized jack screws connected together to one reversible motor. The hoist will raise the hood and also elevate the conveyor assembly clear of the pan for cleaning.

Pneumatic oil level control consisting of a differential diaphragm assembly and level tank mounted on the side of the fryer. This unit maintains a constant level of oil in the cooker at all times.

Drum Fines Removal System is rated for full flow of the oil circulation. The unit is complete with flanges to connect directly to the fryer centrifugal pump. Cooking oil is filtered continuously and fines are transferred to an internal flat conveyor for final removal.

Heat exchanger consisting of a heavy steel case insulated with 8 #/cu ft fiber-fax blanket and equipped with an explosion release panel. Stainless steel tube bundles will be installed and piped to flanged inlet and outlet connections. A complete burner system with combustion air blower will be installed. This system will operate on constant air/fuel ratio. The customer has a choice of either gas or fuel oil system.

Oil circulating system complete with an all-iron centrifugal pump mounted on a steel base with coupling, guard, and TEFC motor. Interconnecting piping between the fryer and heat exchanger will not be supplied.

Control panel complete with all circuit breakers, motor starters, switch gear, flame safeguard equipment, Honeywell solid state temperature controller, solid state high temperature limit. Enclosure is Nema 4x stainless steel. Panel is completely assembled and pre-wired.

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