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The seasoner consists of a volumetric feeder, a 41" long snout assembly, a hopper with transparent main body with agitator and a 1/2 hp drive motor. The hopper capacity is 100 lbs. seasoning material. The new designed seasoner snout offers a greatly improved powder dispersal. It is constructed of stainless steel and a non-conductive, non corrosive plastic material. This new design is capable of using seasoning powder or salt with 3 special designed augers. It has a stainless steel dual sleeve construction. The inner sleeve section has, for the purpose of seasoning dispersal, a 22" long bed of "tear-drop" shaped slots. When used in conjunction with the outer sleeve, it gives complete control over the seasoning flow, for optimum powder distribution. A spinner bar with air motor will be installed under the snout to improve seasoning distribution. The stainless steel panel houses controls and the inverter for auger speed adjustment. This unit is wired per customer electrical specifications.

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