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Select Corn Chip Equipment
  Corn Cook & Soak Platform:
Corn Cook Kettle
Corn Cook Panel
Corn Receiving Tank
Vertical Corn Soak Tank
Corn Transfer Pump
  Corn Washers:
MCW-1000 Corn Washer
MCW-2000 Corn Washer
Corn Feeder
  Corn Mills:
Corn Mill
High Profile Corn Mill
Maddox Aluminum Millstones
Hydraulic Extruder
  Fryers & Equipment:
Corn Chip Fryer System
Direct Fired Fryer
Horizontal Heat Exchanger
Fines Removal System
Centrifugal Oil Filter System
Ambient Air Cooling Conveyor
45° Incline Conveyor
60° Incline Conveyor
Adams Incline Conveyor
Metering Feed Hopper
  Seasoning Equipment:
Electrostatic Seasoner with Seasoning Tumbler
Electrostatic Seasoner
Pulse Oil Spray System
FCP/BCP Coating Tumbler
Seasoning Tumbler with Rail System
Volumetric Applicator


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