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A conventional design tortilla chip oven equipped with a 17” wide belt and a 10 ft. long baking chamber. The oven comes complete with the following:

  • Oven frame constructed of carbon steel tubing for stability at elevated temperatures. Belt runners are stainless steel placed along the belt supporting the belt guides.

  • 3 ea. Conveyor assembles utilizing carbon steel CB5 belts with friction drive rollers and adjustable spring tension take-ups independent from either side of the belt bearings.

  • Insulation panels constructed of aluminized steel sheet.

  • All three conveyors are driven by a single AC inverter controlled motor and gear reducer. A remote speed adjustment is provided on the control panel.

  • Three banks of ribbon burners are arranged to provide uniform heat under each conveyor belt. For consistent air/gas mixing, one regulator and one mixer are installed for each of the three banks. Fuel ratio can be adjusted on each mixer. Five infrared burners are positioned above the top belt. Burner system has Auto-Purge and automatic electronic ignition with flame safeguard. One motor actuated control valve regulates belt temperatures independently for precise temperature control on top level. The combustion system is completely pre-piped and ready to operate.

  • A separate stainless steel control panel is supplied for floor mounting. One (1) Honeywell digital controller regulates belt temperature. All belt temperatures are controlled with contact thermocouple sensors and Honeywell temperature controllers. A digital panel meter indicates oven dwell time in seconds. All motor starters and circuit protectors are also provided. The panel is fully assembled and wired.

  • The toaster oven is fully assembled and test run at our factory before shipment to the customer.

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